Dia­betic Neu­ropathies

DIA­BETIC NEU­ROPATHIES: A fam­ily of nerve dis­or­ders caused by dia­betes. Peo­ple with dia­betes can, over time, have dam­age to nerves through­out the body. Neu­ropathies lead to numb­ness and some­times pain and weak­ness in the hands, arms, feet, and legs.Problems may also occur in every organ sys­tem, includ­ing the diges­tive tract, heart, and sex organs. Peo­ple with dia­betes can develop nerve prob­lems at any time, but he longer a per­son has dia­betes, the greater the risk.

Source: National Dia­betes Infor­ma­tion Clear­ing­house

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