CHO­LES­TEROL: A fat-like sub­stance that is made by the body and is found nat­u­rally in ani­mal foods such as meat, fish, poul­try, eggs, and dairy prod­ucts. Foods high in cho­les­terol include liver and organ meats, egg yolk, and dairy fats. Cho­les­terol is car­ried in the blood. When cho­les­terol lev­els are too high, come off the cho­les­terol is deposited on the walls of the blood ves­sels. Over time, the deposits can build up caus­ing the blood ves­sels to nar­row and blood flow to decrease.

Source: National Insti­tute of Dia­betes and Diges­tive and Kid­ney Dis­eases

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