Creutzfeldt-​Jakob Dis­ease

CREUTZFELDT-​JAKOB DIS­EASE: A rare, ulti­mately fatal dis­or­der of infec­tious or genetic ori­gin that typ­i­cally causes mem­ory fail­ure and behav­ioral changes. A recently iden­ti­fied form called “vari­ant Creutzfeldt-​Jakob dis­ease (cCJD)” is the human dis­or­der thought to be caused by eat­ing meat from cat­tle affected by “mad cow dis­ease” (bovine spongi­form encephalopa­thy). VCJD tends to appear in much younger indi­vid­u­als than those affected by spo­radic or inher­ited Creutzfeldt-​Jakob.

Source: Alzheimer’s Asso­ci­a­tion

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