Workday Training

Workday Knowledge Base: A Library of Learning Materials

The McGill Academic & Administrative HR Knowledge Base contains reference guides and job aids covering information on business processes, as well as step-by-step instructions for performing tasks within Workday. Please note: Access to job aids is restricted to employees with applicable Workday roles.

Training for Heavy Users

Workday Training has been designed to meet specific needs based on security roles in Workday. Your Supervisor will inform you which security role(s) you have been assigned.

Please click on each of your roles from the list below to review the recommended curriculum, which includes live online training and video recordings. If you have more than one role, it is not necessary to repeat courses that appear in the curricula for multiple roles.

Before starting with your Workday training, consult with your Supervisor to confirm which training topics are relevant to you based on the roles and responsibilities of your position.

Heavy User Role Assignments

How to access Workday Training Material in myCourses


  1. Log into myCourses using your McGill username and password. If you are having difficulty logging into myCourses (access denied), please contact HR Shared Services Unit by email at hrhr [at]
  2. Click on Workday Training Heavy Users folder.
  3. Scroll down to the Training Topics section to choose the topics (e.g., videos and PowerPoint presentations) you wish to review.


How to register for Live Training Sessions in Minerva


  1. Log in to Minervausing your McGill username and password. If you are having difficulty logging into Minerva, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.
  2. Select the Employee Menu.
  3. Select the Training Menu.
  4. Select Workday Training (WDT).
  5. Scroll down to select the course you would like to register for.
  6. Select Waitlist in the 1st Choice column pull down menu (Please leave 2nd Choice blank).
  7. Click Submit Registration Request
  8. After completing your online registration, you will receive Outlook invites one or two weeks before the live on-line session(s) begin. These invites will contain a Microsoft Teams link for connecting to the session.
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