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Important Workday Login Information

  • Use your McGill employee username and password. In most cases, this is your McGill email address.
  • Student workers: use your employee email ( You will not be able to log into Workday with your student email (
  • If you are unsure of your username, check: Minerva > Personal Menu > Password for McGill Username.


Connectivity and Access Issues

  • Having issues with McGill username and password, VPN or 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?
  • Contact the IT Service Desk for technical difficulties accessing Workday.
  • VPN is changing:

    • Prepare for a VPN change! On October 10, 2023, our current VPN (via Cisco AnyConnect) will be replaced by Cisco Secure Client.

    • To access the McGill VPN on a Windows device, open the new app by either typing “Cisco Secure Client” in the Windows search bar, finding its icon on the bottom right toolbar (icon might be hidden; click the arrow (^) to show hidden icons), or creating a new shortcut (existing shortcuts linked to Cisco AnyConnect will no longer work).

    • To access McGill VPN on a Mac device, go to the Applications folder and find Cisco Secure Client, double-click to open.

    • For more information, check out the full announcement here.


Workday Mobile


Accessing Workday for Retirees


On this page: Self-Service | Local Support | Log a Ticket

image showing three options

1. Self Service: 

The fastest way to find an answer to your Workday question is to look in the Workday training materials by searching key terms:

  1. in the McGill Academic & Administrative HR Knowledge Base. To learn how to use the Knowledge base and the Portal, please consult the Introduction video; and 
  2. in the Workday Training in MyCourses.

2. Local Support:

If you are unable to locate the information you are seeking in the Workday training materials, the next step is to reach out to the Local first-level personalized support provided by colleagues within your own Faculty or Admin Unit:

Power Users

HR Representatives

Power Users are the main point of contact in each unit to provide support on using Workday and cascade information to their peers. Select your Faculty or Administrative Unit from the lists below to see who are your local Workday Power Users. Additional support may be available from your local Human Resources representative.


    Desautels Faculty of Management

    andrewlouis.bennett [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bennett, Andrew Louis)
    zabrina.kadkhodayan [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kadkhodayan, Zabrina) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ng, Yvonne)
    cara.stuckey [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Stuckey, Cara)


    Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

    christine.butler [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Butler, Christine)
    danielle.cote [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Cote, Danielle)
    lindsay.flood [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Flood, Lindsay)
    ann.gossage [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Gossage, Ann)
    francine.lacelle [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lacelle, Francine)
    leslie.laduke [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Laduke, Leslie Ann)
    nancy.lavigne1 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lavigne, Nancy T)
    mary.pavlik [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Pavlik, Mary Ann)
    shannon.scott [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Scott, Shannon)
    joanne.teneyck [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ten Eyck, Joanne)


    Faculty of Arts

    preeya.bissoonauth [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bissoonauth, Preeya)
    iain.blair [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Blair, Iain F)
    marianne.casey [at] (Casey, Marianne)
    andy.catalano [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Catalano, Andy)
    franca.cianci [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Cianci, Franca)
    judy.dear [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Dear, Judith Lynn)
    anne-marie.fookchong [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Fook Chong, Anne-Marie)
    adriana.goreta [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Goreta, Adriana)
    erin.henson [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Henson, Erin)
    livia.nardini [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Nardini, Livia)
    shannon.sullivan [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sullivan, Shannon)


    Faculty of Dentistry

    suzana.rodriguez [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kafadar de Rodriguez, Suzana)
    crystal.noronha [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Noronha, Crystal)


    Faculty of Education

    nadia.conte [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Conte, Nadia)
    kelly.kapou [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kapou, Kelly)
    simona.lupu [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lupu, Simona)
    charlotte.mccaffrey [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (McCaffrey, Charlotte)
    valerie.mcconnell [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (McConnell, Valerie)
    allyson.noftall [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Noftall, Allyson)
    samantha.ryan [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ryan, Samantha)
    sharlene.baksh [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Subero, Sharlene)


    Faculty of Engineering

    susanne.baumann-moroy [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Baumann - Moroy, Susanne)
    shirley.baxendale [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Baxendale, Shirley)
    anne.broadhurst [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Broadhurst, Anne)
    carolyn.curiale [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Curiale, Carolyn)
    paula.domingues [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Domingues, Paula)
    heather.holowathy [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Holowathy, Heather)
    aimee.jabour [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Jabour, Aimee)
    david.krawitz [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Krawitz, David)
    aube.mamias [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Mamias, Aube)
    kevin.mitchell1 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Mitchell, Kevin)
    sandy.shewchuk-boyd [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Shewchuk, Sandra A)
    monika.skonieczny [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Skonieczny, Monika)
    sarah.voss [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Voss, Sarah)
    russell.wyse [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Wyse, Russell)


    Faculty of Law

    debbie.carlone [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Carlone, Debbie)
    pina.ricco [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ricco, Pina)


    Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

    Deanery [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Abdallah, Hala)
    rowshan.akhter [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Akhter, Rowshan)
    michelle.almeida [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Almeida, Michelle)
    teresa.alper [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Alper, Teresa) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Archina, Jade) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Atrini, Rania)
    anne-lise.carayon [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Carayon, Anne-Lise) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Cartier, Candice) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Cartier, Candice)
    elizabeth.christopher [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Christopher, Elizabeth)
    hardial.rosner [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Rosner, Hardial) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Laliberte, Jacynthe)
    safiya.simon [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Simon, Safiya)
    frederic.somlith [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Somlith, Frederic)
    mary.stone [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Stone, Mary)
    marie-helene.thibault [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Thibault, Marie-Hélène) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Valenti, Francesca) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Vlahandreas, Eftihia)
    kevin.whittaker [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Whittaker, Kevin M)
    batchimeg.zuend [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Zuend, Batchimeg)

    AEC 1 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kaldeway, Melissa)
    lori.manon-og [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Manon-og, Loredith) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Rothberg, Jill E) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sabouri, Mona)

    AEC 2 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Abdul Wahab, Nabiha) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Wang, Ruotong)

    AEC 3 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Colquhoun, Tinasha)
    lori.manon-og [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Manon-og, Loredith)

    AEC 4
    rosa.coppola [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Coppola, Rosa Carla)
    acad-ga.fammed [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Steinmeyer, Christine)
    hr-acad.fammed [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Walker, Yulander-Renée)

    AEC 6 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Giobbi, Rosa) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Romano, Franca) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Tarantino Cianci, Adele)

    AEC 7
    marlene.davis [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Davis, Marlene)
    lori.manon-og [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Manon-og, Loredith)
    carolynna.olha [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Olha, Carolynn)

    AEC 8
    caroline.alcaraz [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Alcaraz, Caroline)
    ej.brooks [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Brooks, Evan)
    debbie.carr [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Carr, Deborah)
    josee.p.cloutier [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Cloutier, Josee) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Giobbi, Rosa)

    AEC 9 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Colubriale, Giuseppina)
    lori.manon-og [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Manon-og, Loredith)

    AEC 10
    valerie.lapointe-boyer [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lapointe-Boyer, Valerie) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Mirarchi, Cathy) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Rizzo, Natasha) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sabouri, Mona)

    AEC 11
    Daoust, Megan
    hr.aec11 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Nabi, Maryam)

    AEC 12
    naomi.belinsky [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Belinsky, Naomi J)
    valeria.kochkina [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kochkina, Valeria)
    catherine.robinson [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Robinson, Catherine)

    Montreal Neurological Institute
    grace.flynn [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Flynn, Grace)
    fil.lumia [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lumia, Filomena)
    hradmin.neuro [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ng, Derek)


    Faculty of Science

    maria.babiak [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Babiak, Mary Ellen)
    raffaella.bruno [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bruno, Raffaella)
    maria.colonna [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Colonna, Maria L)
    ginette.dessureault [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Dessureault, Ginette)
    antonia.dipaola [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Di Paola, Antonia)
    anne.kosowski [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kosowski, Anne M)
    diane.koziol [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Koziol, Danuta)
    carole.lemieux [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lemieux, Carole)
    angela.mansi [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Mansi, Angela)
    marisa.mastroberardino [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Mastroberardino, Marisa)
    sheryl.morrissey [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Morrissey, Sheryl E.)
    nikoo.taghavi [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Taghavi, Nikoo)
    stephanie.zazzera [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Zazzera, Stephanie)


    McGill University Libraries

    isabelle.roberge [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Roberge, Isabelle)


    School of Continuing Studies

    ruth.perez [at] (Perez, Ruth)
    verena.waterstradt [at] (Waterstradt, Verena)


    Schulich School of Music

    tracy.roach [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Roach, Tracy) [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Nour, Safia)
    jacqueline.bednar [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bednar, Jacqueline)
    johanne.froncioni [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Froncioni, Johanne)
    maureen.leaman [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Leaman, Maureen E)
    nicholas.mccormick-gagnon [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (McCormick-Gagnon, Nicholas)
    elise.quinn [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Quinn, Elise)
    nancy.soulsby [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Soulsby, Nancy)
    devon.wilkinson [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Wilkinson, Devon)
    isabel.zamora [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Zamora, Isabel)

    Admin Units

    Admin. and Finance - Facilities Mgmt and Ancillary Services

    mariette.bradley [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bradley, Mariette)
    kim.bray [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bray, Kim)
    sophie.brosseau [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Brosseau, Sophie)
    andrew.bunce [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Bunce, Andrew)
    andree.dagenais [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Dagenais, Andree)
    helen.dicso [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Dicso, Helen)
    martha.elvir [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Elvir, Martha Alicia)
    soraya.esmail [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Esmail, Soraya)
    josee.filteau [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Filteau, Josee)
    josh.freedman [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Freedman, Josh)
    alissa.goddard [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Goddard, Alissa)
    roberta.grimmtrotta [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Grimm Trotta, Roberta)
    kasey.lewis [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lewis, Kasey)
    lise.martin [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Martin, Lise)
    karyne.matteau [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Matteau, Karyne)
    aysha.panchbhaya [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Panchbhaya, Aysha)
    stephan.pleszkewycz [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Pleszkewycz, Stephan)
    milenka.radman [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Radman, Milenka)
    josee.sansoucy [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sansoucy, Josee)
    ysabel.sarmiento [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sarmiento, Ysabel)
    natasha.sharma [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sharma, Natasha)
    teresa.standing [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Standing, Teresa)
    brenda.stewart [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Stewart, Brenda)
    karen.turner [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Turner, Karen)
    elizabeth.valente [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Valente, Elisabetta)


    Admin. and Finance - Financial Services

    jo.boucher [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Boucher, Johanna)
    halina.ihnatsenka [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ihnatsenka, Halina)
    jessica.lalonde [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lalonde, Jessica Louise)
    katya.lazarova [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Lazarova, Katya)
    nadia.orsini [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Orsini, Nadia)
    orsola.sasso [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sasso, Orsola)


    Admin. and Finance - Human Resources

    naomi.allsop [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Allsopp, Naomi)

    Admin. and Finance - Information Technology

    alexandra.carbonneau [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Carbonneau, Alexandra)
    gabriella.criscuolo [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Criscuolo, Gabriella)
    denise.pearce [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Pearce, Denise)

    Admin. and Finance - Investments, Risk, JSST

    lori.novak [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Novak, Lori)

    Communications and External Relations

    jenny.addesa [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Addesa, Giovannina)
    arline.altork [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Al Tork, Arline)
    chantal.mauceri [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Mauceri, Chantal)
    maria.naso [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Naso, Maria)
    mark.ordonselli [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Ordonselli, Mark)


    Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

    alison.mccaffrey [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (McCaffrey, Alison)


    McGill-Queens University Press

    paloma.friedman [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Friedman, Paloma)


    Office of the Provost and VP Academic

    michael.canavan [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Canavan, Michael)
    anne-marie.durocher [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Durocher, Anne-Marie)
    karen.kennedy [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kennedy, Karen)
    nancy.kwan2 [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Kwan, Nancy)


    Research and Innovation

    ourania.atsaidis [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Atsaidis, Ourania)
    brett.hooton [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Hooton, Brett Andrew)
    vera.milbradt [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Milbradt, Vera)


    SLL - Athletics and Recreation

    linda.forcillo [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Forcillo, Linda)
    filomena.goncalves [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Goncalves, Filomena)
    lise.grant [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Grant, Lise E)
    frankie.iacovelli [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Iacovelli, Frankie)
    karnofsky.perry [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Karnofsky, Perry)
    ilana.nixon [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Nixon, Ilana)
    andrew.persons [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Persons, Andrew)
    franca.poliziani [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Poliziani, Franca)


    SLL - Enrolment Services

    elvie.chiappetta [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Chiappetta, Elvira)
    helen.legrand [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Le Grand, Helen)
    stella.sotocinal [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Sotocinal, Stella)
    anabela.viaes [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Viaes, Anabela)
    stanley.whyte [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Whyte, Stanley)


    SLL - Housing and Hospitality Services

    zach.suhl [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Suhl, Zachariah)
    adelina.yordanova [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Yordanova, Adelina Vasileva)


    SLL - Student Services

    hr.stuserv [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (De Repentigny, Audrey)

    wila.anderson [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Anderson, Wila)


    adelina.yordanova [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Yordanova, Adelina)


    zach.suhl [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Suhl, Zachariah)



    Teaching and Learning Services

    sydnee.goodrich [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Goodrich, Sydnee)
    sandrine.donkpegan [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Hoindo, Sandrine)


    University Advancement

    ana.baljak [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Baljak, Ana)
    marie.verlingo [at] (subject: Workday%20Support) (Verlingo, Marie)



    3. Log a Ticket with your question:

    If your local support is unable to help you, you may log a ticket with HR Shared Services Unit in one of two ways:

    1. Portal: Log a ticket through the Academic & Administrative HR Portal.
    2. Email: Contacting HR Shared Services Unit by email at hrhr [at] will create a ticket to be addressed by the Shared Services Unit.
    • Please be reminded that ticket response times are minimum 48 hours.

    The System

    On this page: A modern HRMS | Workday: A Cloud Solution | Data Security

    A modern Human Resources Management System (HRMS) 

    Workday is the web-based system used for human resources management at McGill. It integrates a broad range of processes including hiring, personal information management, payroll management and much more. It provides a state-of-the-art technology capable of supporting McGill's needs, well into the future.

    Workday is recognized as the premier personnel management software in higher education. Major North American universities including many AAU institutions such as Brown, Yale, Cornell, Georgia Tech, NYU, Penn State, Texas A&M, Ohio State, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Chicago have successfully implemented this system. UBC is also currently implementing the full Workday suite (HCM, Finance and Student). From the start of the project, McGill conducted a benchmark analysis with several of these universities and will continue to benefit from the lessons learned and best practices of these peer institutions.

    This HRMS enables McGill to:

    • Automate the employee management processes;
    • Work toward simplifying and standardizing procedures;
    • Access to real-time data on the University's workforce;
    • Make more timely informed strategic choices;
    • Continue to have well integrated software solutions (central IT systems, external systems and local applications).


    Workday: A Cloud Solution

    Workday is a cloud solution, also called "Software as a service" (SaaS), selected as the best choice in terms of software quality and infrastructure sustainability:

    • A cloud solution is owned, delivered and managed by the provider. McGill pays for the service, not for the license.
    • To ensure evolving best practices, the features are the same for all customers. There can be some configuration exceptions as per McGill's needs.
    • Updates are frequent and easier to manage than with our in-house systems.
    • Data can be accessed from anywhere via internet using tablets, laptops, or desktops.
    • Satisfies all local security & regulatory compliance requirements.


    Data Security

    In the context of selecting and implementing Workday, McGill ensured that :

    1. For the duration of the contract with Workday, personal information will be hosted in its data centers located in the European Economic Area. It is generally recognized that countries in the European Economic Area offer protection equivalent to that afforded under Quebec privacy laws;
    2. The cloud vendor and hosting services implemented were independently verified to ensure conformity to leading cyber security best practices;
    3. The configuration of the Workday solution leveraged new security measures that improved the cyber-security posture of employees’ data compared to our previous system.


    Benefits of Workday

    On this page: Employees | Managers | HR & AA Professionals | Retirees

    Workday’s main benefits for employees, Managers, Human Resources and Academic Affairs Professionals and Retirees are:

    icon with singular person reflecting employee


    One of the main benefits of Workday is its rich self-service functionality. All McGill employees now have access to their own Workday account, where they can update their personal information, make benefits elections, enter time, request absences, review pay stubs, explore career opportunities, etc.


    three people in icon representing managers


    In Workday, all employees who supervise a direct report hold the role of Manager. They benefit from:

    • An increased ability to initiate processes related to recruitment, compensation and job changes;
    • Aggregated visibility on their team’s information, including worked hours and time off balances, allowing for better informed decisions.

    network of people

    HR and Academic Affairs Professionals

    Workday simplifies personnel management processes, while reducing manual processing and decreasing the risk of errors.

    HR and Academic Affairs Professionals greatly benefit from:

    • Simple request functionalities allowing processes to be initiated in just a few simple clicks;
    • Built-in eligibility rules allowing employees to be provided only with what they are eligible for according to their job profile and employee type;
    • Automatic routing of all requests to the next person involved in the process, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks;
    • An inbox window regrouping all items requiring action, and an archive of completed items;
    • An auditable transaction history automatically saved into the system.

    singular person representing retirees


    Retired McGill employees still have access to Workday to manage their benefits, and possibly explore career opportunities if they want to come back part-time.

    Managing your Personal and Work Information

    To update your personal information, please consult the Managing your Personal and Work Information job aid.  This includes information such as:

    • Home address
    • Campus address
    • Birthdate
    • Preferred name 
    • Legal name
    • Title
    • Citizenship
    • Social Insurance Number - SIN (National ID in Workday) 
    • Banking information (How to View and Update Payment Elections)

    Employment Confirmation Letter

    To obtain a letter confirming your employment and/or salary, please consult the How to Request an Employment Confirmation Letter job aid.

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