Online system access


What & where: McGill's academic and administrative HR information system
Why: View your pay statements, benefits elections, job information, and tax form information, request time off, and carry out many other HR-related procedures.
Who: ALL employees, including casuals and retirees.
How: Log in with your McGill employee username and password. Student employees: Log in with your employee username (ie your email address). If you don't have one, you will be able to log in with your student username (ie

HR Knowledge Bases

What & where: McGill Academic & Administrative HR Knowledge Base
Why: To access job aids for human resources business processes in Workday, as well as resources relating to the annual compensation review process.
Who: Available to all active McGill staff. For questions, access the HR-APO Service Portal.
How: Employees can log in with their McGill username and password.
What & where: Job Description Translation Bank
Why: To assist units with the translation and the posting of administrative positions
Who: Accessible to everyone that has a McGill employee username
How: Log in with your McGill employee username and password
What & where: Labour & Employee Relations Knowledge Base (for HR Advisors)
Why: To collect documentation related to Employees & Labour Relations
Who: Accessible to HR Advisors. For questions, contact [at]
How: Log in with your McGill employee username and password

Service Portal

What & where: McGill Academic & Administrative HR Service Portal
Why: Coordination of HR support functions
Who: The pilot is currently open to select groups including HR representatives, Workday Heavy Users and Supervisors. For questions, contact [at] (subject: Knowledge%20Base) or academic.personnel [at] (subject: Knowledge%20Base) .
How: Authorized users can log in with their McGill username and password

Record of Employment (RoE)

What & where: Record of Employment (RoE) access on My Service Canada
Why: To retrieve records of employment when employees go on leave or their job ends. Records of employment will be loaded digitally to Service Canada 5 days after an employee's last pay.

Accessible to all McGill employees.

Note: if a former employee was only paid through Banner, their unit must send an ROE request to HR confirming the employee's start date, end date, and the reason for interruption of earnings. RoEs for earnings in Banner will be created directly on Service Canada.

How: Employees can log in to their My Service Canada Account.


What & where: Manulife's Plan Member Secure Site
Why: You can view your claims information or print a Benefits card through Manulife's Plan Member Secure Site. Read more about how to submit claims.
Who: Members of the Benefits plan
How: To access your profile through the Member site the first time, you will need to register. If you encounter any problems during this process, contact Manulife directly at 1-800-268-6195.
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