Temporary employment policy (non-academic, non-unionized staff)


1.1 The purpose of this policy is to establish the circumstances in which the University may hire employees on a temporary basis, and the working conditions that will be applicable to such employees.



2.1 This policy applies to all non-unionized non-academic staff hired as term appointments, with the exception of University Executives and casuals.



3.1 The University may hire employees on a temporary basis for non-unionized non-academic staff positions for the purpose of:

  • periods of temporary workload increases;
  • to replace employees temporarily absent from their position;
  • during the recruitment process, for the purpose of filling a vacant position;
  • as term appointments with a pre-determined end date for specific purposes.

3.2  Temporary employees hired as term appointments are covered by the following working conditions:

  1. Accident Reporting Policy
  2. Administrative Dismissal Policy
  3. Association Membership & Activities Policy
  4. Benefits: contributory benefit coverage
  5. Dental plan
  6. Disciplinary Measures Policy
  7. Dispute Resolution Policy (for those who have completed to (2) years of continuous service)
  8. Educational Assistance Policy (Non-academic)
  9. Elections
  10. Employee assistance program
  11. Holidays with pay Policy
  12. Hours of work Policy
  13. Life insurance
  14. Parental Leaves Policy (except for Extended Parental Leave)
  15. Personal Leave Policy
  16. Rest periods
  17. Supplemental Health Plan
  18. Policy on Harassment and Discrimination
  19. Short-term Disability
  20. Social Leaves
  21. Strike Policy
  22. Vacation Policy
  23. Work Accidents



Revised on June 1, 2023

Revised on December 8, 2021

Effective January 8, 1996

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