Association Membership & Activities Policy


1.1  McGill University Non-Academic Staff Association (M.U.N.A.S.A.) represents the collective interests of its members on matters pertaining to salaries, benefits, and working conditions to the McGill Administration and directly supports its members on employee relations issues.


2.1  This policy applies to all non-unionized and non-academic employees of the University, with the exception of Executives and Casuals employees.



3.1  All new non-unionized and non-academic employees will automatically become members of MUNASA. Such employees will be informed to this fact and their right to revoke their membership.

3.2  Employees wishing to revoke their membership can do so, at any time, by selecting the appropriate option in the Workday benefits module. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify MUNASA of their decision.

Association Dues

3.3  The University shall withhold from the salary of all MUNASA members, the Association dues (set by the Association) and remit the amounts thereby collected to the Association once a month.

3.4  The Association shall advise the University in writing of any change in the amount or the formula used to calculate the Association dues.

Association Activities

3.5  The University will provide a maximum of forty (40) working days per year to be used by employees designated by MUNASA for Association activities, including the preparation for meetings, between June 1st and May 31st of the following year.

3.6  The University will liberate the employees so designated from their work without loss of salary, benefits or privileges.

3.7  A written request including the names of the employees concerned and the date for release shall be made to the employee’s supervisor, with a copy to Human Resources, at least ten (10) working days prior to the liberation date.

3.8  The decision to grant the employee’s request for release shall be made taking into consideration the unit/department’s operational needs.

3.9  In addition to the liberation days as specified in article 3.5, the University will allow the President and the Vice President Liaison of the Association to be liberated without loss of salary, benefits or privileges, one (1) day of each month for a total of twenty four (24) days per year, between June 1st and May 31st of the following year to work on the Association activities.

3.10  The monthly liberation day will need to be agreed by the employee and his/her supervisor during the month of April for the following year.

Employee Relations Committee

3.11  The Committee comprises a maximum of four (4) representatives of the University and four (4) representatives of MUNASA.

3.12  The Committee mandate is to discuss issues concerning employer/employee relations, including the review of formal written disputes filed under the Dispute Resolution Policy.

3.13  The Committee will meet six (6) times per year or as required, at the request of either party.


Dispute Resolution Policy

Website: MUNASA

Emails: info [at]

hrhr [at]


Effective Date:  January 1, 2021

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