Short-term disability policy

All full-time regular and part-time staff that has opted to join the optional Benefits Program are eligible to receive paid sick leave for a period of six months, where a prolonged disability occurs, except where otherwise specified by a collective agreement. The employee will be granted leave at full salary upon presentation of medical evidence of disability from a qualified physician and subject to concurrence by a physician designated by the University. The employee's salary shall be reduced by all normal payroll deductions, any amount received as a result of government legislation in respect of the disability and all contributions to benefits plans.

For the purpose of this policy, "full-time" in the case of a non-academic employee shall refer to an employee working 2/3 or more of the normal working hours for his/her classification as defined in theĀ Hours of work.

In the case of an academic employee "full-time" shall be determined by the terms of employment as approved by the Board of Governors at the time of appointment.

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