Hours of work

1. Scope

This policy applies to all regular non-unionized non-academic staff, with the exception of University Executives (“E”).

2. Management (“M”) and non-unionized clerical (“C”) staff

The standard workweek for management and non-unionized clerical staff is 33.75 hours, Monday through Friday, and the standard workday is 6.75 hours. The daily schedule of hours is to be determined by the unit/department, and to include an unpaid lunch hour period of 1.25 hours each day.

3. Non-unionized Technical and Library Assistant Staff

The standard workweek for non-unionized technical and library assistant staff is 35 hours, Monday through Friday. The standard workday is 7 hours, the daily schedule of hours to be determined by the unit/department and to include an unpaid lunch period of one hour each day.

4. Exceptions

It is possible to operate on flexible hours within the standard work hours with the approval of the appropriate Dean or Senior Administrative Department Head and Human Resources.

5. Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays off result from a combination of a parity agreement (with Université de Montréal) and a 2.8% reduction in work hours in lieu of a salary increase. The summer Fridays normally occur between La Fête Nationale (June 24) and Labour Day. The schedule of summer Fridays is announced to the University community in the preceding spring.

When a staff member takes vacation during the summer schedule, any Friday that falls into the vacation period will not count as a “vacation" day.

When it is necessary for a staff member to work on a summer Friday morning, compensating time off or overtime pay on a straight time basis should be arranged. When it is necessary to work on a summer Friday afternoon, compensating time off on a straight time basis, or overtime pay on a time-and-one half basis should be granted. Compensating time off shall be taken as agreed to with the immediate supervisor and if requested by the employee, and possible, the three (3) day weekend will be respected.​

​5.1 Staff hired into a regular “M” position before December 1, 2006, will receive a credit for half (½) a day for any Summer Friday morning missed while on Short Term Disability (STD) leave or on Maternity Leave. The “credit” will be remitted as compensating time off to the employee when they come back to work and shall be taken as agreed to with the immediate supervisor. Requests for this compensating time off that was not paid shall have a retroactive application back to June 26, 2015.

Requests with respect to the period between June 26, 2015 and August 19, 2016 must be sent to Human Resources, Labour and Employee Relations Unit, prior to August 1, 2017, 5:00 PM.

Summer Fridays Schedule

Summer Fridays are scheduled as follows:

When June 24 falls on:

The nine (9) Summer Fridays will be scheduled on:

The Christmas Summer Friday  will be scheduled on:


June 21

June 28

July 5

July 12

July 19

July 26

August 2

August 9

August 16

Thursday, January 2


June 23

June 30

July 11

July 18

July 25

August 1

August 8

August 15

August 22


January 2


June 26

July 3

July 10

July 17

July 24

July 31

August 7

August 14

August 21

Thursday, December 24


June 25

July 2

July 9

July 16

July 23

July 30

August 6

August 13

August 20

Thursday, December 23


June 27

July 4

July 8

July 15

July 22

July 29

August 5

August 12

August 19

Friday, December 23


June 22

June 29

July 7

July 14

July 21

July 28

August 4

August 11

August 18

Tuesday, January 2


June 22

June 29

July 6

July 13

July 20

July 27

August 3

August 10

August 17

Monday, December 24

Effective April 30, 2000.

Revised March 2004

Revised September 2009

Revised June 2012

Revised January 1, 2017

Last Revised June 1, 2017.

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