Rest periods

1. Scope

This policy applies to all regular non-unionized administrative and support staff, with the exception of University Executives ("E").

2. Policy

2.1 All employees may take one (1) fifteen (15) minute rest period per complete continuous regular half-day of work, without loss of salary.

2.2 For the purpose of this policy, a "regular half-day of work" is one-half of a "regular day of work". A "regular day of work" is determined by the hours of work of the role profile into which the regular employee's position falls, as determined in the Hours of Work Policy.

2.3 The method of scheduling, timing and/or taking of such rest periods during the workday shall be determined by the management of each department or faculty. These rest periods are not cumulative and shall not be used to extend annual vacations, statutory holidays, or other paid leaves of absence.

Revised March 2004

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