Programme Bourse Perspective du Québec (PBPQ)

The Government of Québec “Programme de bourses Perspective Québec” encourages students to pursue postsecondary study in fields deemed a priority to the province’s workforce planning. The priority fields include health and social services, engineering, information technology, and education. Starting in the Fall 2022 term, Québec resident students enrolled in eligible academic programs may apply for this award regardless of whether they are starting, mid-way through, or completing their program (eligible academic programs are posted at the Government of Québec’s Bourse Perspective website. Click “See the list of eligible programs” to view McGill-specific eligible programs).

For further information regarding this initiative - including eligibility criteria - please refer to the abovementioned webpage, including the FAQs. Please note that whereas Service Point can assist students with general questions, the definitive source for information about the PBPQ is the Government of Québec.

Eligible students must apply for the award each semester to be considered. The per term amounts will be awarded to students after each successful completion of a full-time term of study, starting in Fall 2022. The Fall 2022 term will be paid out in the subsequent term (i.e. Winter 2023). The award will not be accorded retroactively for terms completed prior to Fall 2022.

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