Wen Hu



Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Director of the Metabolic Fellowship

Tel: 514.934.8488

wen.hu [at] mcgill.ca

Biographical Sketch

I graduated from McGill University Medical School in 2003, completed residency training in Internal Medicine followed by Endocrinology and Metabolism at the McGill University Health Center. I joined the Department of Medicine as an assistant professor in 2009 while completing a Master's degree in Experimental Medicine. I am actively involved in teaching, both at the medical school level and residency training. I am a member of the McGill University Endocrinology and Metabolism Residency Training committee and the Director of the McGill University Metabolic Fellowship.


Insulin resistance, obesity, appetite regulation, weight loss, leptin, ghrelin, GLP-1

Research or Clinical Activities

My clinical practice consists of a mix of general endocrinology and diabetes mellitus. My special interest lies in obesity, specifically the management of obesity and related diseases, and more importantly, the prevention of weight gain or regain. My research focuses on understanding the regulation of body weight. Presently, I am completing a project that studies the changes in appetite regulating hormones following weight reduction and their effects on the central nervous system using functional brain imaging. 


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