Members of the Division are actively engaged in diverse research programs covering major themes in endocrinology and metabolism in both normal and disease states.  Research focuses include conditions related to over nutrition, obesity and diabetes; the metabolism of muscle and bone in aging and disease; reproductive endocrinology; the cellular mechanisms by which hormones and steroids exert their functions; genomic and proteomic studies of metabolic diseases for identifying new clinical targets and biomarkers for diagnostics; the identification of new pharmacological targets and the development of novel therapies; and the impact of nutrition on endocrine function.

Many of our researchers work in thematic groups and are located within the McGill University Health Centre network.  The Calcium Research Labs and McGill Bone Clinic, the Endocrine Labs, the Fraser Labs, and the McGill Nutrition Center are located in the Royal Victoria Hospital.  The Biochemical Endocrinology and Pharmacology Group are located at the Montreal General Hospital and the Pediatric Endocrinology Researchers are located at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  The Polypeptide Labs are located in the Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building at McGill University.  Our research activities will be moving to the Centre for Translational Biology of the new Research Institute building at the MUHC Glen Yards Campus and will continue at the Montreal General Hospital.  Please see our faculty profiles for more information about specific topics and innovative research being conducted by members of the Division.

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