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José A. Morais, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine
School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Department of Experimental Medicine
MUHC- Montréal General Hospital 1650 Cedar, Room E16.124 MTL, Qc H3G 1A4.

Tel: 514-843-1665

jose.morais [at]


Biographical Sketch

Dr. Morais is Full Professor of Medicine at McGill University. He holds a MD degree from the University of Montreal (1987) and completed a specialty in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at McGill University, Canada. He went on to complete a 3-year Research Fellowship in Nutrition and Metabolism at McGill Nutrition Centre. He is Senior Scientist at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) – in the Metabolic Disorders and Complications axis, in Montreal, Canada. In 2009, he became Director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine, McGill University, as well as of MUHC and Jewish General Hospital. Dr. Morais is also co-Director of the Quebec Network for Research on Aging and is Lead of the Dementia Education Program of the McGill Faculty of Medicine. He was the Founder and first Director of the Centre of Excellence on Aging and Chronic Disease of the RUIS McGill from 2012-2015. During this time, he was co-leader of the implementation of the Quebec Provincial Alzheimer’s Plan in Primary Care. He is also Past President of the Canadian Geriatrics Society.


Whole-body protein metabolism, muscle protein synthesis, aging, body composition assessment methods, nutrition evaluation, physical function,

Research or Clinical Activities

Dr. Morais’ research interest relates to the assessment of protein metabolism and cellular regulation at whole-body and muscle levels and of protein requirements with age, frailty and diabetes using stable isotopes methodology. He is also participating in several studies involving the nutritional assessment of elderly persons with the aim of improving their nutritional status and level of physical function. He shares an interest in improving services and care to patient afflicted with chronic diseases. He holds grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and collaborates in several projects supported by provincial and national agencies. He has more than 140 original publications, most of them in high impact journals in the field of aging, nutrition, and metabolism.

Selected Recent Publications

Goulet E, Khursigara, Z, Gougeon R and Morais JA. Postprandial insulin sensitivity and thermogenesis responses in frail elderly women. Applied Physiol Nutr Metabol. Aug;35(4):526-533, 2010.

Bassil M, Marliss EB, Morais JA, Pereira S, Chevalier S, Gougeon R. Postprandial hyperaminoacidaemia overcomes insulin resistance of protein anabolism in men with type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia. 2011;54:648-56.

Chevalier S, Goulet E, Wykes L, Burgos SA and Morais JA. Protein anabolic responses to a fed steady state in healthy aging. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2011;66:681-8.

Awad M, Morais JA, Wollin S, Khalil A, Gray-Donald K, Feine J. Overdentures and Nutrition: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Dental Research. 2012;91:39-46.

Rahi B, Morais JA, Dionne IJ, Gaudreau P, Payette H, Shatenstein B. The combined effects of diet quality and physical activity on maintenance of muscle strength among diabetic older adults from the NuAge cohort. Experimental Gerontology 2014;49:40-46.

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