Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Director Endocrine Tumor Fellowship Program

D02.5110 – 1001 Decarie Boul.
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Qc H4A 3J1

Tel: 514-934-1934

juan.rivera [at] mcgill.ca

Biographical Sketch

A graduate from Universidad Centra de Venezuela, J.M. Vargas School of Medicine, Dr. Rivera completed fellowship training in Adult Endocrinology and Metabolism in McGill University followed by a post-doctoral fellowship on SST receptors at McGill’s Fraser Laboratories under Dr. Yogesh Patel. Following on the steps of Dr. Patel, Dr. Rivera focused his clinical practice on neuroendocrinology and endocrine tumors. In 2008 he founded the McGill Endocrine Tumors Fellowship Program, a widely sought-after 1-year subspecialty training for endocrinologists.


Endocrine cancer, pituitary adenomas, acromegaly, thyroid ultrasound, thyroid cancer

Research or Clinical Activities

Dr. Rivera is a leading member of McGill Skull Base Tumor Group, the Head and Neck Cancer Center, the MUHC Thyroid Tumor Board, the McGill Neuro Endocrine Tumor group, and the McGill Multidisciplinary Adrenal Tumor Clinic. Dr. Rivera’s research currently covers topics on pituitary tumors, thyroid ultrasound, adrenal tumor multidisciplinary approach and endocrine care for endocrine cancer patients.

Selected Recent Publications

Al Argan, R., Ramadhan, A., Agnihotram, R. V., Chankowsky, J., Rivera, J. (2021). Baseline MRI findings as predictors of hypopituitarism in patients with non-functioning pituitary adenomas. Endocrine Connections, 10(11), 1445-1454. 

Alyusuf EY, Ekhzaimy AA, Rivera JA. Radiofrequency Ablation as a Primary Therapy for Benign Functioning Insulinoma. AACE Clin Case Rep. 2020 Dec 28;7(2):153-157. 

Chen T, Gilfix BM, Rivera J, Sadeghi N, Richardson K, Hier MP, Forest VI, Fishman D, Caglar D, Pusztaszeri M, Mitmaker EJ, Payne RJ. The Role of the ThyroSeq v3 Molecular Test in the Surgical Management of Thyroid Nodules in the Canadian Public Health Care Setting. Thyroid. 2020 Sep;30(9):1280-1287. 

Ciarallo A, Rivera J. Radioactive Iodine Therapy in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: 2020 Update. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2020 Aug;215(2):285-291. 

S Ezzat, G Caspar-Bell, CL Chik, M-C Denis, M-È Domingue, SA Imran, MD Johnson, HA Lochnan, BL Grégoire Nyomba, A Prebtani, R Ridout, JA Rivera and SV Uum. Management of Acromegaly: Systematic Review and Treatment Guidelines. Endocrine Practice 2019; 25(4):379-93. 

Researchgate – J. Rivera


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