Undergraduate affairs

Reporting to the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Student Affairs, the Undergraduate Programs Office provides the following services to staff and to undergraduate students:

  • Provides information and advice about degree requirements, registration and course changes, procedures for withdrawal, deferrals and supplemental exams, rereads, exam reviews and inter-faculty transfers.
  • Coordinates orientation session for new students.
  • Maintains undergraduate students’ files, both electronic and manual.
  • Arranges meetings between undergraduate students and academic advisors.
  • Processes mark submissions and grade changes.
  • Organizes and coordinates the application process for NSERC, FQRNT, NSERC USRA and some faculty based scholarships.
  • Coordinates room bookings for the break-out rooms of the Trottier Building.
  • Handles key requisitions for the Trottier rooms.
  • Prepares printing requisitions for course materials for professors. 


People Position Contact
Prema Menon Student Advisor / Undergraduate Programs Administrator Trottier 2060
Tel.: 514-398-3943
Fax.: 514-398-4653
Sarah Lessard Student Affairs Coordinator Trottier 2060
Tel.: 514-398-1547
Fax.: 514-398-4653
Connie Rossi Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator Trottier 2060
Tel.: 514-398-1218
Fax.: 514-398-4653