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Evening Certificates and Diplomas to Give Your Career A Boost: Everything You Need to Know

Sunday, October 25, 2020 12:00to13:00

Looking for a way to learn new skills, advance your career or equip yourself with credentials to help you enter the Canadian workforce, without leaving your job? Then a Certificate or Diploma from the McGill University School of Continuing Studies might be for you!

With over 24 topics to choose from, from marketing, public relations and communications management, accounting and Human Resources, to data science, legal translation and executive production, our practical and career-focused certificates are offered in the evening either remotely or fully online so you can learn while you work and advance your career while you work. With undergraduate-level, graduate-level certificates and diplomas as well as Professional Professional Development Certificates designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to stand out in the marketplace, you’re sure to find the right career path for you at SCS!

During this info session offered as part of McGill Open House 2020 we will cover the following topics to give you an introduction to the School, the subjects programs offered and tell you how you can get started as early as this January.

We’ll also cover topics such as:

  • Who are our students? How to know if SCS is right for you
  • How to choose the right program for you
  • Topics and programs available
  • Delivery formats: remote vs. online, and what happens if we return to in-person classes
  • 11 key benefits of being an SCS student, including health insurance and access to services offered by our Career Advising and Transition team.
  • What our students say: outcomes students at SCS achieve in their lives and careers
  • How to start as an independent student this winter
  • How to apply for fall 
  • Eligibility for loans, bursaries and financial aid and how to apply 


We’ll also have time for questions and answers and provide resources should you need academic advising or wish to meet with a career advisor.

Attendance is free so sign up now while spaces are available.

Register now at

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