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Career Advising

For those seeking career advisement, consult the Career Advising and Transition Services unit of McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS), supporting and empowering students and alumni, as well as prospective students, to gain the clarity, skills, confidence, and connections that they need to excel in their current careers or transition to new careers.

General Advising

The staff at Client Services can provide you with general information on:

  • School policies and procedures
  • Course fees
  • Registration requirements

If you have general questions regarding policies and procedures, course fees, registration and admission requirements, you can contact us by info.conted [at] (email.)

General Advising by Email

If you have submitted your application for admission into a program, have logged into Minerva to review your application details and still have questions, please contact admissions.conted [at] (Admissions).

Be sure to ask for assistance well in advance of admission and registration deadlines and peak periods. Wait times may be longer during these periods.

Peak periods are:

  • 3 weeks before application deadline dates
  • 2 weeks before classes start dates
  • 1 week after course start dates

If necessary, an appointment can be made with an individual advisor.

Consulting a Program/Academic Advisor

Advisors provide guidance to students and potential students, assisting them in making informed academic choices. The advising process is there to help you obtain the best education possible. The advising component is one of partnership, with shared responsibilities and planning your course of studies properly is key to achieving success.

Some of the services offered by advisors include:

  • General guidance related to your field of interest
  • Providing information about rules, regulations and requirements governing specific programs and courses
  • Guiding your course selections to make sure you meet the requirements of your program
  • Offering guidance in planning your credit load and upcoming deadlines
  • Helping you manage your academic situation during periods of personal, financial or medical difficulty
  • Evaluation of requests for approval of inter-university transfer credits
  • Revision of International Student Study Plans
  • Serve as a direct link to other University resources

Booking an Appointment with an Advisor

After you have consulted our website, for more complex questions about program or course requirements, scheduling or academic regulations or any of the items listed above, please contact a program advisor. You may reach the program advisors by emailing program.advising.scs [at] or you can book a virtual appointment directly.

Your request will be answered within 3 – 5 business days (during non-peak periods).

While advisors and staff can provide guidance, it remains your responsibility to ensure:

  • The completeness and accuracy of your course selection and registration
  • Compliance with the program and course requirements
  • Observance of the regulations and deadlines
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