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Our Partners

McGill University has a longstanding tradition of engaging with various Indigenous communities, educational institutions, and governments. Some of our partners include school boards, health boards, band councils, Indigenous governments, and Indigenous organizations.

At SCS we have been creating tailored programs in a consultative approach for our partners, based on their organizational and community needs. We work together to ensure participants gain the competencies they need from our programs to build capacity and participate in leading their communities.


CN Community - Aboriginal RelationsCree First Nation of WaswanipiNunavik Regional Board of Health and Social ServicesCree Nation of ChisasibiCree Nation of MistissiniApatisiiwin Skills DevelopmentIsuarsivikCree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay


If your organization is looking for training or programs, we would love to talk to you about what we offer. Please email or complete the form below and provide some details about what kind of education you are thinking about.

Veldon Coburn, PhD
Faculty Chair, Indigenous Relations Initiative

veldon.coburn [at]


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