Personnel policy discussions with MUNASA


Published: 17May2004

Personnel policy discussions with MUNASA

We are pleased to announce that discussion of the compensation package applicable to management staff ("M") and staff in Excluded positions has concluded with MUNASA.

The package has an annual monetary value of 4.5% of regular salary mass, from December 1, 2003, to November 30, 2007, a portion of which will be allocated for merit distribution. During this same period, there will be no amendments to personnel policies that have monetary implications, other than to bring the policies into line with the Labour Standards Act.

Floating summer Fridays

Effective June 1, 2004, floating summer Fridays 10 and 11 will be eliminated. Staff will be given the option to convert the two (2) floating holidays to two (2) working days. The option to convert is irrevocable. Employees hired on or after June 1, 2004, are not entitled to the floating holidays. The reduction in merit for new hires will be limited to 2% in the first year.

M terms who become regular employees on or after June 1, 2004, are not entitled to floating summer Fridays 10 and 11 or the two (2) floating holidays. M terms whose contracts are still in place on or after June 1, 2004, will continue to benefit from these four (4) days until their contract expires. If an M term contract is renewed, the four (4) days will be eliminated.

Effective June 1, 2004, salary scales and salaries of regular staff will be increased by 0.8% to compensate for floating summer Fridays 10 and 11. Staff who opt to convert their two (2) floating holidays to two (2) working days will receive 0.8% of their annual salary as of June 1, paid as an annual lump sum payment on June 15.

Merit in December 2003

Staff who received merit as of December 1, 2003, will receive an additional component to the merit award of 0.5%; there will also be a lump sum payment of 0.25% which represents six (6) months' retroactivity (December 2003 - May 2004).

Maternity leaves and days of absence

The current practice whereby employees on maternity leave or short-term disability leave benefit from any summer Fridays which occur during the leave will be eliminated, effective June 1, 2004.

In addition, the first two (2) days of any absence due to sickness or accident, other than work-related accident or occupational disease, will be classified and treated as Paid Incidental Illness days.

Future policy discussions

Personnel policy discussions in 2004 will continue to focus on:

  • Salary Administration Policy (any further changes resulting from the M compensation structure)
  • Staffing Policy
  • Performance Planning
  • Competencies
  • Social Leaves (to align them with revisions to the Labour Standards Act)

The deadline for conclusion of these discussions has been extended to December 1, 2004.

Doing your conversion online

To facilitate the choice to convert the two (2) floating days into two (2) working days, a form is available, until June 1, on Minerva at the following address: Click on Log in now to log in to Minerva. Once logged in, choose the Employee menu. To be able to access this form, you will need your McGill ID number and Minerva PIN. If you do not have a PIN, contact the IST Customer Service Help Desk at 398-3398. If Minerva is inaccessible, the attached form () may also be used to make the conversion.

Any questions concerning personnel policy discussions should be addressed to Jacques Sztuke at 6759 or Josephine Leake at 3342.

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