Hoi Kong

Hoi Kong

Axis Codirector


Full Professor, Peter A. Allard School of Law (University of British Columbia)

Research interests

Public law theory; comparative law; constitutional law; administrative law; municipal law; land use planning law



Contact information

Allard Hall, 1822 East Mall
Vancouver (BC), Canada, V6T 1Z1
Office 364B

kong [at] allard.ubc.ca (> Email)

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Selected publications

Hoi Kong. "Election Law and Deliberative Democracy: Against Deflation", Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, vol. XV, 2015, p. 35-58.

Cynthia Farina, Hoi Kong et al. "Democratic Deliberation in the Wild: The McGill Online Design Studio and the Regulation Room Project", Fordham Urban Law Journal, n° XLI, 2014, p. 1527-1580.

Hoi Kong. "Republicanism and the Division of Powers in Canada", University of Toronto Law Journal, n° LXI, 2014, p. 359-401.

Hoi Kong. "Toward a Federal Legal Theory of the City", McGill Law Journal, n° LVI, 2012, p. 473-517.

Hoi Kong. "Towards a Civic Republican Theory of Canadian Constitutional Law", Review of Constitutional Studies [en ligne], vol. XV, n° 2, 2011.

Hoi Kong. "The Deliberative City", Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, vol. XXVIII, n° 2, 2010, p. 411-433.

Hoi Kong. "The Spending Power, Constitutional Interpretation and Legal Pragmatism", Queen’s Law Journal, vol. XXXIV, n° 1, 2008, p. 305-374.

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