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Jarrett Rudy †

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Portrait of Jarrett RudyAffiliation

Associate Professor, Department of History and Classical Studies (McGill University)

Research interests

Quebec and Canadian history (19th-20th century); social and cultural history; politic and economic structures; comparative history


Contact information

855, Sherbrooke St. West
Office 333C
Montreal (Quebec), Canada H3A 2T7
Phone: (514) 398-4400, ext. 094935

jarrett.rudy [at] (> Email)

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Selected publications

Jarrett Rudy, Stéphan Gervais and Christopher Kirkey (di.). Quebec Questions: Quebec Studies for the Twenty-First Century. Second Edition, Toronto, Oxford University Press, 2016.

Jarrett Rudy. "Do You Have the Time? Modernity, Democracy, and the Beginnings of Daylight Saving Time in Montreal, 1907-1928", Canadian Historical Review, vol. XCIII, n° 4, 2012, p. 531-554.

Jarrett Rudy. “ «Unmaking Manly Smokes»: Church, State, Governance, and the First Anti-Smoking Campaigns in Montreal, 1892-1914", in Ed Montigny (dir.), The Real Dope: Social, Legal, and Historical Perspectives on the Regulation of Drugs in Canada, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2011, p. 59-82.

Stéphan Gervais, Christopher Kirkey and Jarrett Rudy (dir.). Quebec Questions: Quebec Studies for the Twenty-First Century, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Jarrett Rudy. The Freedom to Smoke: Tobacco Consumption and Identity, Montréal, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005.


† Professor Jarrett Rudy passed away on April 4, 2020. Read the obituary.

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