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Jess Reia

Associate Member

Jess ReiaAffiliation

Assistant Professor, School of Data Science (University of Virginia)

Research interests

Science and technology studies, critical data studies, intellectual property, urban governance, night studies


Contact information

reia [at] (> E-mail)

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Selected publications

Reia, J. (Forthcoming – 2024). Making Music Count: What Busking Can Teach Us bout Policy, Data and the Future of Our Cities. Bristol, UK: Intellect.

Reia J., & Cruz, L. (2023). Cidades inteligentes no Brasil: Conexões entre poder corporativo, direitos e engajamento cívico. Cadernos Metropole 25 (57).

Brandusescu, A., & Reia, J. (Eds.). (2022). Artificial Intelligence in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal, McGill University.

Brandusescu, A., & Reia, J. (Edit.). (2022). L’intelligence artificielle dans la ville : Renforcer l’engagement civique et la confiance du public. Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires en études montréalaises, Université McGill.

Brandusescu, A., & Reia, J. (Eds.). (2022). La inteligencia artificial en la Ciudad: Construyendo participación cívica y confianza pública. Centro de Investigación Interdisciplinaria sobre Montreal, Universidad McGill.

Under preparation (invited submission): Reia, J. Data for the Night: Digital Rights, Trust, and Responsible Engagement with Data in 24-Hour Cities. Data & Policy. Working paper available at:

Reia, J., Fergus Cruz, L. (2021). Seeing through the smart city narrative: data governance, power relations, and regulatory challenges in Brazil. In B. Haggart, N. Tusikov & J. A. Scholte. (Eds.). Contested Power and Authority in Internet Governance: Return of the State?. Abingdon/UK and New York/US: Routledge.

Straw, W., Reia, J. (2021). Nightlife in a Pandemic. In Denis, J. L., Régis, C. & D. Daniel Weinstock (Eds.). Pandemic Societies. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press. 

Reia, J. & Belli, L. (2021). Smart Cities no Brasil: Regulação, tecnologia e direitos. [“Smart Cities in Brazil: Regulation, Technology and Rights”]. Belo Horizonte: Editora Letramento.  

Petrovics, N. Seijas, A., Catherall, R., Reia, J., Straw, W. (2021). Nighttime Governance in Times of Covid-19: Capacity Building for Night Mayors and other Nighttime Governance Institutions. VibeLab.

Reia, J., Brandusescu, A. (2021). A Starting Point: Transversal Questions and Recommendations for Montreal's Digital Data Charter. Response to the City of Montreal's public consultation on Montreal's Digital Data Charter. The Urbanologist, CRIEM/CIRM. Available in English and French.

Bélanger, A., Reia, J., Straw, W. (2020). Portrait diagnostic de la vie nocturne à Montréal. Soumis à Déborah Delaunay, Commissaire au bruit et à la nuit - Service du développement économique, Ville de Montréal. 

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