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Richard Shearmur

Axis Director


Full Professor, Director, School of Urban Planning (McGill University)

Research interests

Urban economic development, workplaces and mobility, urban form, municipal innovation, innovation within SMEs


Contact information

richard.shearmur [at] (> Email)

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Selected and recent publications

Doloreux, D., Shearmur, R. and Garneau, F., 2024, The Rise of The Craft Brewing Industry in Québec’s Peripheral Regions (Canada): Location, Neolocalism, and Community Building, Geographical Review, 114:1, 1-30

Seker, M., R.Shearmur & Beaudet, G., 2024, Defying Stereotypes, Populism and Neoliberal Discourse: Municipal Agility and Innovation, Urban Affairs Review

Shearmur, R., Doloreux, D. et Kristensen, I., 2023, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster initiative: A national policy in regional clothing? Le Géographe Canadien / Canadian Geographer, 67.4, 484-498

Kristensen, I., R.Shearmur and D.Doloreux, 2023, Comparing innovation strategies: Canada's Ocean Supercluster and Europe's Smart Specialisation initiatives, Canadian Public Policy, 66.3, 285-302

Doloreux, D., Shearmur, R., Suire, R. et Berthinier-Poncet, A., 2023, Which types of firm use collaborative innovative spaces? Creativity and innovation management, 32.1, 141-157

Shearmur, R. et Doloreux, D., 2023, The Geography of KIBS, in Gallouj, F., Gallouj, C., Monnoyer, M-C., Rubalcaba, L. (eds), Elgar Encyclopedia of Services, Cheltenham: Elgar, 522-524

Doloreux, D., Shearmur, R. and Baldassarri, G., 2023, Innovation in KIBS, in Gallouj, F., Gallouj, C., Monnoyer, M-C., Rubalcaba, L. (eds), Elgar Encyclopedia of Services, Cheltenham: Elgar, 420-423

Doloreux, D., Shearmur, R. et Kristensen, I., 2023, KIBS as knowledge sources for innovation in rural regions, Journal of Rural Studies, 99, 53-61

Garneau, F., Doloreux, D. and Shearmur, R., 2023, Origine, développement et ancrage territorial des microbrasseries artisanales: le cas de l'Est‐du‐Québec, Le Géographe Canadien / Canadian Geographer,

Gluckler, J., R.Shearmur & K.Martinus, 2023, Liability or Opportunity? Reconceptualizing the periphery and its role in innovation, Journal of Economic Geography, 23 (1), 231-249,

Doloreux, D. and R.Shearmur, 2023, Does location matter? STI and DUI innovation modes in different geographic settings, Technovation,

David Doloreux and Richard Shearmur. "Does the Geographic Distribution of Knowledge Intensive Business Services Affect the Use of Services for Innovation? Empirical Evidence from Quebec KIBS Manufacturers", in Ferreira, J., M. Raposo, C. Fernandes and M. Desjardins (dir.), Knowledge Intensive Business Services and Regional Competitiveness, London, Routledge, 2016.

Richard Shearmur and David Doloreux. "Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) Use and User Innovation: High-Order Services, Geographic Hierarchies and Internet Use in Quebec's Manufacturing Sector", Regional Studies, vol. XLIX, no 10, 2015, p. 1654-1671. DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2013.870988.

Richard Shearmur. "Que reste-t-il de la classe créative?", Nouveau Projet, no 3, 2013, p. 141-144.

Richard Shearmur and D. Doloreux. "Innovation and KIBS: The Contribution of KIBS to Innovation in Manufacturing Establishments", Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2013, online. DOI:10.1080/10438599.2013.786581

Richard Shearmur, L. Terral and M. Polèse. "La géographie de la croissance d’emploi en France à l’aune de processus Nord-Américains: vers une théorisation du contexte", Cybergeo, article 631, 2013.

Richard Shearmur. "Are Cities the Font of Innovation? A Critical Review of the Literature On Cities and Innovation", Cities. The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning, vol. XXIX, 2012, p. S9-S18.

Richard Shearmur. "Montréal 1950-2010: la métamorphose de l'économie spatiale", Working paper (INRS), no 1, 2011.

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