Daniel Béland

Daniel Béland

Associate Member

Daniel BélandAffiliations

Director, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC) (McGill University)

James McGill Professor, Political Sciences Department (McGill University)

Research interests

Public policy; social policy; political sociology; federalism; institutionalism; Canadian politics


Contact information

840 Docteur-Penfield
Montréal, QC, Canada
H3A 0G2

daniel.beland [at] mcgill.ca (> Email)

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Selected publications

Béland, Daniel, Andrea Louise Campbell and Robert Kent Weaver. Policy Feedback: How Policies Shape Politics. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Element), 2022.

Béland, Daniel and Alex Jingwei He (eds.). “COVID-19, Inequalities, and Public Policies,” Policy and Society, vol. 41, n°2, 2022.

Béland, Daniel, Rod Hick, Amilcar Moreira, Peter Whiteford and Bea Cantillon (eds.). “Social Policy in the Face of a Global Pandemic: Policy Responses to the COVID19 Crisis,” Social Policy & Administration, vol. 55, n°2, 2021, pp. 249-402.

Béland, Daniel, Rana Jawad and Emmanuele Pavolini (eds.). “Populism, Religion, and Social Policy,” Social Policy and Society, vol. 20, n°2, 2021, pp. 264-356.

Béland, Daniel, “Developing Sustainable Urban Transportation: Lesson Drawing and the Framing of Montreal’s Bikesharing Policy,” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, vol. 34, n° 7/8, 2014, pp. 545-558.

Cox, Robert Henry and Daniel Béland. “Preface: Urban Political Development and the Politics of Ideas,” How Ideas Shape Urban Political Development, Richardson Dilworth et Timothy P. R. Weaver (eds.), Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020, pp. ix-xiii.

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