Axis “Mobility, urban planning, and environment”

Raphaël Fischler

Raphaël Fischler

Regular member


Dean, Faculty of Planning (Université de Montréal)

Research interests

Metropolitan development and governance; physical planning and project development; neighbourhood planning and university-community partnerships; planning history and planning theory


Contact information

raphael.fischler [at] (> Email)

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Selected publications

Raphaël Fischler, Sarah Kraemer and Lindsay Wiginton. "A Place to Stand Up on Your Two Feet: The Community Housing in Immigrant Integration in Montréal, Quebec", Revue canadienne de recherche urbaine, vol. XXVI, no 2, 2017, p. 15-32.

Raphaël Fischler. "A Century of Zoning: The Past and Present of Planning as Real-Estate Regulation", Plan Canada, vol. LII, no 2, p. 36-41, 2016.

Laurie Loison and Raphaël Fischler. "The Quartier des Spectacles", in Rem Thomas (dir.), Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach, Don Mills, Oxford University Press, 2016.

Raphaël Fischler. "Émergence du zonage à Montréal, 1840-1914", in Harold Bérubé, Donald Fyson and Léon Robichaud (dir.), 370 ans de gouvernance montréalaise, Montréal, Éditions MultiMondes, 2014, p. 71-84.

Raphaël Fischler. "Fifty Theses on Urban Planning", Journal of Planning Education and Research, vol. XXXII, n° 1, 2012, p. 107-114.

Raphaël Fischler, Raphaëlle Aubin, Sarah Kraemer and Lindsay Wiginton. Cooperative Housing and the Social Integration of Immigrant Households, Montréal, Centre Métropolis Québec – Immigration et métropoles, 2012.

Bernd Scholl, Jef Van den Broeck, Khalid El Adli, Raphaël Fischler, Charles Hoch and Alfonso Vegara (dir.). Higher Education in Spatial Planning: Positions and Reflections, Zürich, ETH Press, 2012.

Raphaël Fischler. "Reflective Practice", in Bishwapriya Sanyal, Lawrence J. Vale and Christina D. Rosan (dir.), Planning Ideas That Matter: Livability, Territoriality, Governance, and Reflective Practice, Cambridge, MIT Press, 2012, p. 313-331.

Raphaël Fischler and Jeanne M. Wolfe. "Planning for Sustainable Development in Montreal: A «Qualified Success»", in Igor Vojnovic (dir.), Urban Sustainability: A Global Perspective, East Lansing, Michigan State University Press, 2012, p. 531-559.

Ahmed El-Geneidy, Assumpta Cerdá, Raphaël Fischler and Nik Luka. "Evaluating the Impacts of Transportation Plans Using Accessibility Measures: A Test Case in Montreal", Canadian Journal of Urban Research: Canadian Planning and Policy, vol. XX, n° 1, 2011, p. 81-104.

Mary Anne Poutanen, Sherry Olson, Raphaël Fischler and Kevin Schwartzman. "Tuberculosis in Town: Mobility of Patients in Montreal, 1925-1950", Histoire Sociale / Social History, vol. XLII, n° 83, 2009, p. 69-106.

Raphaël Fischler. "Development Control in Toronto in the Nineteenth Century", Urban History Review / Revue d’histoire urbaine, vol. XXXVI, n° 1, 2007, p. 16-31

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