The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal* (CIRM) brings together researchers from several Quebec institutions of higher learning for the purpose of contributing to a better understanding of the city through interdisciplinary research in areas such as the economy, health, language, governance, history, and culture. The transfer of this knowledge to society and to its citizens is equally at the heart of the CIRM’s mandate. These objectives seek to ensure that Montreal takes full advantage of local universities and the talents that they foster.

For more information on the CIRM’s goals and the role it intends to play in Montreal, watch this video clip (in French), read this section and browse the list of our members and our current projects. 

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The CIRM is proud to be a partner with Faire Montréal. Follow the development of our project on the Web platform FaireMtl.ca and contribute to the discussions!


Event: Lunch-Time Discussion with Derek Hyra

Join us for a discussion with Derek Hyra, author of "Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City". 


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