Joan Laur

Joan Laur

Regular member


Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Université de Montréal (UdeM), Montreal Botanical Garden, IRBV

Research interests

Biophilia, ecotechnologies, human-modulated ecosystems, slowtech, resilient city and agriculture, just ecological transition, reduction of greenhouse gas production, soil, water, and air remediation



Contact informations

joan.laur [at] (> Email)

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Recent and select publications

  • Glyphosate has a negligible impact on bacterial diversity and dynamics during composting (2023) V Grenier, J Laur, E Gonzalez, FE Pitre . Environmental Microbiology 25 (12), 2897-2912
  • Irrigation with primary wastewater alters wood anatomy and composition in willow Salix miyabeana SX67 (2023) A Jerbi, J Laur, K Lajoie, PP Gallant, S Barnabé, FE Pitre, M Labrecque Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 1087035
  • Comparative wood anatomy, composition and saccharification yields of wastewater irrigated willow cultivars at three plantations in Canada and Northern Ireland (2023) A Jerbi, M Kalwahali-Muissa, R Krygier, C Johnston, M Blank, M Sarrazin, S Barnabé, J Laur, M Labrecque, NJB Brereton, FE Pitre Biomass and Bioenergy 170, 106683



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