Victoria Slonosky

Victoria Slonosky

Associate member


Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Geography (McGill University)

Research interests

Canadian climate history; climatic changes; meteorological observations; climatic phenomena; compared meteorology


Contact information

victoria.slonosky [at] (> Email)


Ongoing project

  • "Historical Canadian Climate Data" (Principal Investigator)


Selected publications

Victoria Slonosky. "Daily minimum and maximum temperature in the St. Lawrence Valley, Quebec: Two centuries of climatic observations from Canada", International Journal of Climatology, vol. XXXV, no 7, 2015, p. 1662-1681.

Victoria Slonosky. "Historical Climate Observations in Canada: 18th and 19th Century Daily Temperature from the St. Lauwrence Valley, Quebec", Geoscience Data Journal, vol. I, n° 2, 2014, p. 103-120.

Victoria Slonosky. "Daily Minimum and Maximum Temperature in the St. Lawrence Valley, Quebec: Two Centuries of Climatic Observations from Canada", International Journal of Climatology [online], 2014.

T.J. Ansell et al. "Daily Mean Sea Level Pressure Reconstructions for the European-North Atlantic Region for the Period 1850-2003", Journal of Climate, vol. XIX, n° 2, 2010, p. 2717-2742.

Victoria Slonosky and Edward Graham. "Canadian Pressure Observations and Circulation Variability: Links to Air Temperature", International Journal of Climatology, vol. XXV, n° 11, 2005, p. 1473-1492.

Victoria Slonosky. "The Meteorological Observations of Jean-François Gaultier, Quebec, Canada: 1742-1756", Journal of Climate, n° 16, 2003, p. 2232-2247.