Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Montreal is one of the largest hubs in neuroscience research worldwide. Our Centre serves the research needs of about 120 Principal Investigators, at McGill, Montreal and beyond. About 40 of our expert users are affiliated with the BIC as a token of our Centre's appreciation for their key expertise and contribution to the academic life and technical spectrum of the platform

If you are interested in joining the McConnell BIC as an affiliated faculty member, please contact us.

Core Faculty

Douglas Arnold Douglas Arnold, MD - James-McGill Professor
Sylvain Baillet Sylvain Baillet, PhD - Professor & Director, MEG Core
Andrea Bernasconi Andrea Bernasconi, MD - Professor
Boris Bernhardt Boris Bernhardt, PhD - Assistant Professor
Danilo Bzdok Danilo Bzdok, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
Xioqian Chai Xioqian Chai, Ph.D., - Assistant Professor
Louis Collins D. Louis Collins, PhD - Professor
Alain Dagher Alain Dagher, MD - Associate Professor
Julien Doyon Julien Doyon, PhD - Professor & Director, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre
Simon Ducharme Simon Ducharme, MD, MSc - Assistant Professor
Alan C. Evans Alan C. Evans, PhD - James-McGill Professor
Rick Hoge Rick Hoge, PhD - Associate Professor, Director of MRI Research
Yasser Iturria-Medina Yasser Iturria-Medina - Assistant Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery
Alexey Kostikov Alexey Kostikov, PhD - Assistant Professor
Neda Ladbon Bernasconi Neda Ladbon Bernasconi, MD, PhD - Associate Professor
Marco Leyton Marco Leyton, Ph.D. - Professor
Gassan Massarweh Gassan Massarweh, PhD - Assistant Professor, Director of Cycloton and Radiochemistry
Bratislav Misic Bratislav Misic, PhD - Assistant Professor
Sridar Narayanan Sridar Narayanan, PhD - Assistant Professor
Jamie Near Jamie Near, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Jean-Baptiste Poline Jean-Baptiste Poline, PhD - Associate Professor
Pedro Rosa-Neto Pedro Rosa-Neto, MD, PhD - Professor
David Rudko David Rudko, PhD - Assistant Professor
Amir Shmuel Amir Shmuel, PhD - Professor
Jean-Paul Soucy Jean-Paul Soucy, MD, MSc - Associate Professor, Medical Director, PET Unit
Nathan Spreng Nathan Spreng, Ph.D. - Professor
Christine Tardif Christine Tardif, PhD - Assistant Professor
Sylvia Villeneuve Sylvia Villeneuve, PhD - Assistant Professor
Sylvia Villeneuve Robert Zatorre, PhD - Professor


Mirko Diksic Mirko Diksic, PhD - Professor

In Memoriam

Christopher Thompson Christopher Thompson, DSc, FCCPM FCOMP - Professor


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