guy.rouleau [at] (Dr Guy Rouleau) MNI DIrector Ext. 2690
julien.doyon [at] (Dr Julien Doyon) BIC Director Ext. 5953

MRI Unit

rick.hoge [at] (Dr Rick Hoge) Associate Professor Ext. 1929
christine.tardif [at] (Dr Christine Tardiff) Assistant Professor Ext. 6569
david.rudko [at] (Dr David Rudko) Assistant Professor | Director, MR Animal Scanner Ext. 3345
ilana.leppert [at] (Ilana Leppert) Research Assistant Ext. 8547
michael.ferreira [at] (Mike Ferreira) Research Assistant Ext. 8547
karen.ross2 [at] (Karen Ross) MR Research Assistant Ext. 592-1588
louise.marcotte [at] (Louise Marcotte) Research Technician Ext. 6844
david.costa [at] (David Costa) Research Technician Ext. 6844
ronaldo.lopez [at] (Ronaldo Lopez) Research Technician Ext. 6844

PET Unit

jean-paul.soucy [at] (Dr Jean-Paul Soucy) Adjunct Professor Ext. 8515
christian.janicki [at] (Christian Janicki) Radiation Specialist Ext. 934-1934
stephan.blinder [at] (Stephan Blinder) Academic Associate Ext. 8255
reda.bouhachi2 [at] (Reda Bouhachi) Systems Manager Ext. 8932
chris.hsiao [at] (Hung-Hsin Hsiao) Research Technician  Ext. 8932
karen.ross2 [at] (Karen Ross) Micro PET Unit, Research Assistant  Ext. 592-1588

Cyclotron Unit

gassan.massarweh [at] (Dr Gassan Massarweh) Assistant Professor Ext. 1624
alexey.kostikov [at]">Dr Alexey Kostikov Assistant Professor Ext. 1503
dean.jolly [at] (Dean Jolly) Systems Development Manager Ext. 8527
monica.lacatus-samoila [at] (Monica Lacatus-Samoila) Research Assistant  Ext. 4400
marina.kostikova [at] (Marina Kostikov) Research Assistant  Ext. 1503
karen.ross2 [at] (Karen Ross) Research Assistant Ext. 592-1588
robert.hopewell [at] (Robert Hopewell) Research Technician n/a
i-huang.tsai [at] (I-Huang Tsai) Research Technician Ext. 8527

MEG Unit

sylvain.baillet [at] (Dr Sylvain Baillet) Professor Ext. 5469
marc.lalancette2 [at] (Marc Lalancette) Systems Developer Ext. 6056
martin.p.cousineau [at] (Martin Pierre Cousineau) Research Assistant n/a

Neuro Informatics

alan.evans [at] (Dr Alan Evans) Professor Ext. 8926
jean-baptiste.poline [at] (Dr Poline Jean-Baptiste) Associate Professor n/a
sylvain.milot [at] (Sylvain Milot) Data Analyst Ext. 4965
ivan.castanonniconoff [at] (Ivan Castanon Niconoff) System Administrator Ext. 8924
ted.strauss [at] (Theodore Strauss) Manager, Data Resources Ext. 3020

Clinical Research

alain.dagher [at] (Dr Alain Dagher) Clinical Research Professor Ext. 1726

Finance and Administration [at] (Helene Day) Manager Ext. 1470
lynda.bray [at] (Lynda Bray) Administrative Assistant Ext. 1803
stacey.peixoto [at] (Stacey Peixoto) BIC Reservations Coordinator  Ext. 1602
judith.barany [at] (Judy Barany) BIC Reservations Coordinator Ext. 7041


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