Heading into the future

12 May 2017

Headers on McGills websites are about to get a long-awaited makeover that will pave the way for some exciting new WMS template enhancements, including wider web pages....

“Beta” blocks are now out of the blocks!

12 May 2017

We’re happy to announce the much-anticipated release of the new Template blocks that have been in beta. These new blocks are now available to all site managers:

Another tasty menu update

12 May 2017

Here’s a little pre-weekend prezzie for all site managers! We just rolled out a small back-end menu update that should make site maintenance a little easier for you: you now have the ability to...

Check out our delicious new menu design

12 May 2017

Those of you who keep a close eye on McGill’s websites may have noticed a recent style update in the WMS, vertical menus have undergone a refresh and now display a new cleaner, lighter and easier...

Psst! What’s a Standard Block?

12 May 2017

Intrepid Beta Testers may have noticed something new in their list of blocks called the “Standard Block.” If you’ve been wondering what this is, here's the scoop!

McGill Profiles

12 May 2017

Your site visitors are looking for information about the people in your department. They want to know: who are your faculty members? who are your staff members? grad students? what research areas...

Instagram now available

12 May 2017

Looking to promote your department’s Instagram channel on your website? Site managers now have the ability to add an Instagram icon to their Follow Site blocks in the WMS.

Extra Extra! Tweet all about it!

12 May 2017

Site Managers who want to display a Twitter feed on their site can use the Twitter Pull feature to create a block that will display an embedded timeline of tweets.

Get on the list

12 May 2017

Present an attractively formatted list of links to your site visitors with the McGill List block template....


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