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A new way of looking at Channels Events

Ever wished for a calendar to display your events? Or a search function that can help you find past, present and future events? Wish granted!

Channels Events Search is here

Channels Events Search makes it possible to display, search, and filter local channels event content. This module provides three displays:

Current display

Includes the current day's events, as well as up to 10 upcoming events

Channels Events Search | Current display

View Calendar

Displays events by Month, Week and Day

Channels Events Search | Calendar display

Search Events

Allows users to search for events by term or date range, or a combination of the two

Channels Events Search | Search Events display

Furthermore, events on each display can be further refined by using filters for tags, official location, or both.

Site Admins have the power

Channels Events Search is already available on all WMS sites, but would still need to be activated in the Site Settings (/admin/config/system/site-settings/features).

This feature can only be enabled by Site Administrators. Even then, they should still ask themselves these three questions before pressing that button:

1. Does my site have enough local events occurring throughout the year?

The feature will not include events that are imported from the hub or other sites. So if only a handful of local events are created on your site in a year, your Calendar would appear blank most of the time. Plus the Search functionality will not be all that useful. If that is the case, then Channels Events Search is probably not for you.

Find out more about how you can Create Channels Blocks for your site instead.

2. Are my local channels events appropriately tagged and categorized?

Channels Events Search makes use of tags and official locations to provide filters for refining which events are displayed. If you would like to see similar events grouped together, you need to specify categories and locations in a consistent manner.

3. Do I already have content residing on /<sitename>/events?

Before activating the feature, you need to find out if you have any content residing at the following URLs:

  • /<sitename>/events
  • /<sitename>/events/calendar
  • /<sitename>/events/search

These paths are reserved for the Current, Calendar and Events Search displays respectively. If you have content on a reserved URL, you need to unpublish or delete the content.

If the content must be preserved, you should follow these steps:

  1. Clone your content.
  2. Rename the cloned content or change the URL alias.
  3. Delete the original content.

Only then should the Channels Events Search module be enabled. If the original content is simply renamed or given a different alias, the display could still be redirected to the original content page.

See the new feature in action

But don't take our word for it when you can see Channels Events Search in action for yourself:

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