Digital standards

McGill's digital standards

Need-to-know details for creating and maintaining McGill sites.

Toolkits for building websites

Content toolkit

Content toolkit

Content tools and guidelines for creating and revising websites.

WMS toolkit

WMS toolkit

Tips and guidelines for creating and managing WMS websites.


UX toolkit

UX toolkit

Resources for user experience research and design.

Digital design toolkit

Digital design toolkit

Guide to designing digital experiences at McGill.


Web management capacity toolkit

Web management
capacity toolkit

Step-by-step guide designed to help
improve your capacity.

Drupal 9 toolkit icon

Drupal 9 toolkit

Information and resources for WMS users related to the Drupal 9 release.


Custom or vendor-built project toolkit

Custom or vendor-built
project toolkit

This toolkit is for units building or updating custom websites or vendor-built project.

Style guide icon

Style guide toolkit

Use this toolkit as a quick reference when writing or editing content for a McGill site.

What's your role in McGill's web community?

Learn about roles and responsibilities when creating and managing McGill websites.

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