Drupal 9 toolkit


Like many other universities, McGill University’s Web Management System (WMS) platform uses software developed and supported by the members of drupal.org. The Drupal organization has released Drupal 9, a significant update to its existing Drupal 7 and 8 software versions, both of which will no longer be fully supported after November 2022.

How will this effect you?

Our plan is to upgrade pieces of functionality on an ongoing basis throughout the project period. This means that although you will continue to use the same site admin interface, you will over time be using more and more functionality that is coming from Drupal 9.

The end result will be a complete switchover to the upgraded platform by the end of 2022. We will document and communicate any changes to the tools that you will need to adapt to, i.e. new interfaces or fields.

As changes are tested and implemented, you will be given advance notice of steps you can take (if there are any) to ensure your site transitions smoothly.

How to prepare for Drupal 9

  • Keep an eye on announcements in the Web Services Digest and on the Web Services website
  • Check this page regularly - suggested tips and actions will be listed here as they are identified
    • An archive of all announcements and related resources can be found here in our Drupal 9 toolkit
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