Graphic Design and Multimedia

The Graphic Design Studio delivers polished creative products that add impact to your communications. Our in-house design team prioritizes solutions that are innovative and simple so that your ideas are articulated in a compelling format. We look to the latest trends for inspiration but are equally the stewards of McGill’s longstanding brand.

The Multimedia team provides a full suite of options for authentic storytelling. We are a group of video production and live-event experts who help you capture memorable experiences and target audiences. We work within our studios, which come equipped with cameras, audio recording, green screen, teleprompter and lighting, and we work on location, across McGill’s scenic campuses.

We love encapsulating the McGill experience, whether it is through live-streamed lectures for a global audience, or vignettes that celebrate world-class research, or online courses that widen access to education. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do, and we take pride in stewarding McGill's reputation through our videos and live content.

We invite you to submit a request for Graphic Design and Multimedia services through our client portal.


Prachi Khandekar
Prachi Khandekar
Associate Director

prachi.khandekar [at]

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