Building a better search experience

13 Jan 2021

Update: This article was originally published in October 2020. The search improvements mentioned were launched in January 2021. ...

In top form: webforms in Drupal 9

19 Jan 2023

One of the Drupal 9 features we are most excited to see in the WMS is the new webforms. For site managers, webforms in Drupal 9 offer time-saving options such as templates, formatted fields, and...

I can see clearly now. The Claro theme in Drupal 9

17 Jan 2023

You probably don’t think about the administrative theme in the WMS, and that’s the best sign that it’s doing its job well. The people who developed it, on the other hand, did put a lot of thought...

Everything you need to know about McGill DS (now in beta)

11 Jan 2022

McGill DS (or MDS) stands for McGill Design System, a collection of web design and development standards and resources offered by the Web Services team.

Design Principles: UX design basics for site managers

1 Jun 2021

This article is a behind-the-scenes look at the content we'll cover in our completely revamped Designing Digital Experiences with the McGill Brand course. Sign up now to look at real-world examples...

Announcing the Virtual Campus Tour

22 Apr 2021

In response to demand from foreign applicants and prospective students who are unable to visit campus in person, Enrolment Services has created a new virtual tour of McGill. The tour showcases...

Sharing patented innovations with Flintbox

19 Apr 2021

The AVP (Research and Innovation) and Web Services team are pleased to offer Flintbox integration with selected sites the WMS. ...

Read all about it: new options for digital publications

19 Jan 2021

If you've known McGill for a while, you might remember magazines like Headway and Medicine Focus. These magazines were physical objects that combined excellent stories with beautiful print design. 

From list to grid with the new "grid" class

27 Nov 2020

Site Managers and Editors can now transform lists like this: Image by Lee-Yan Marquez. to a grid like this:


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