From list to grid with the new "grid" class

27 Nov 2020

Site Managers and Editors can now transform lists like this: Image by Lee-Yan Marquez. to a grid like this:

Getting started with blocks: Organizing site content in the WMS

27 Aug 2020

Keeping content organized will go a long way towards maintaining a healthy website. Blocks in the WMS are pre-designed containers for important or highlighted information. Blocks are useful tools...

Creating a profiles page in the WMS

5 Jun 2020

Creating a profiles page on your WMS site is a great way to present the members of your staff and community in a directory format. With the tools in the WMS, you can create one easily by following...

Top 10 WSG highlights of 2019

18 Dec 2019

In 2019, the Web Services Group delivered a boost to community engagement with updates to the Twitter block, non-Roman characters support, McGill-branded short links, and SMS links. Content...

Text me maybe

3 Oct 2019

Ask a millennial to call you and you might be waiting for a while. Digital natives generally prefer texting over talking and Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the most widely used forms of...

Time travel and revisit authors in WMS articles

4 Sep 2019

"Who's your favourite author?" It can be interesting to find out how someone answers this question because it gives you a glimpse into who they are through their likes and dislikes. Authors whom we...

Tweet yourself right

18 Mar 2019

As a site manager, all you need to create a Twitter block is to go to /block/add/twitter and provide a Twitter URL. A Twitter URL can be:

Take control of your McGill short links

7 Mar 2019

McGill communicators want more control over their McGill short links...

The WMS database upgrades and migrates

11 Feb 2019

The year 2019 ushers in a refreshing upgrade to the infrastructure that supports the Web Management System (WMS). As part of the Web Service Group's plan to improve WMS performance, the database...


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