Website accessibility in Quebec – Legal requirements at a glance

21 Jun 2021

McGill University follows the Standard sur l'accessibilité des sites Web (SGQRI 008 2.0) to make its websites accessible to all Internet users.

What's on the menu?

4 May 2021

The design of a delicious website starts with a solid menu structure. The content may get the five star reviews but it's all thanks to the behind the scenes foundation on which the entire site...

UTM tracking demystified

2 Feb 2021

The problem Oftentimes when using Google Analytics to analyze website traffic, a significant amount of source traffic appears as “Direct”:

Web Services' 2020 year-end presentation recording

18 Dec 2020

Our recent Web Services' year-end presentation featured an overview of tools and resources released in 2020 to help McGill community members build better websites. Topics covered included:

Web accessibility made simple: WCAG 2.0 AA explained, part 3

17 Dec 2020

Guideline 1.3: Adaptable Create content that can be presented in different ways (for example simpler layout) without losing information or structure  

Watch your language! Use plain language to create better websites

14 Dec 2020

McGill's websites must be accessible to all audiences. Our provincial government has made this a requirement. It's also simply the right thing to do....

Web accessibility made simple: WCAG 2.0 AA explained, part 2

26 Nov 2020

Guidelines 1.2: Time based media Provide alternatives for time based media  

Web accessibility made simple: WCAG 2.0 AA explained

30 Oct 2020

Did you know that accessibility is built-in to McGill’s digital standards? The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is an internationally recognized set of guidelines to ensure accessibility...

Remote audience testing *at* McGill: Challenges and lessons learned

23 Oct 2020

These days, most of our projects involve some form of user experience research, such as gathering data in audience workshops or evaluating how user-friendly a site is by conducting usability tests....


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