An audit opportunity you won't want to miss!

21 Jun 2021

Do you know if your site meets the Quebec Government's web accessibility standards? This summer, we're putting together a web accessibility team to perform an audit blitz on a select number of WMS...

Web Services' top stories of 2020

18 Dec 2020

From the popularity of Web Services' training courses, to new features and resources that were quickly adopted on department websites, 2020 was a year we came together to build better web...

Remote audience testing *at* McGill: Challenges and lessons learned

23 Oct 2020

These days, most of our projects involve some form of user experience research, such as gathering data in audience workshops or evaluating how user-friendly a site is by conducting usability tests....

7 questions to ask before you build a website

20 Aug 2019

Before you start any project, you need a gameplan, and a website is no different.  Answering these 7 questions before you begin will help you ensure that your new site does what you need it to do....

Case study: Redesigning IT Services' website to be user-friendly for non-techies

26 Apr 2019

Just before the end of 2018 we launched a redesign of the IT Services website that saw significant changes to it's focus and tone. Our goal was to provide an online experience that better met our...

Prepping for go-live in the WMS

20 Jun 2018

You've worked hard creating or redesigning your site and now you're all set to go live, but are you absolutely sure everything is in order?

Getting ready for a site redesign

16 Jan 2018

It's time to redesign or revamp your site, but where do you start and what steps should you follow?...

UX at McGill: Improving user experience

26 May 2017

This means participating in discussions and analyzing data to glean insights into who is using our sites and what their goals are. Over the past months we've been involved in a number of related...


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