The WMS database upgrades and migrates

11 Feb 2019

The year 2019 ushers in a refreshing upgrade to the infrastructure that supports the Web Management System (WMS). As part of the Web Service Group's plan to improve WMS performance, the database...

Defining taxonomy

3 Jan 2019

The basics of website taxonomy...

Top 10 WMS updates released in 2018

27 Nov 2018

From Big Numbers to the new "grid" class to WYSIWYG and site admin updates, 2018 was a year we delivered on features and upgrades requested and needed by the WMS community.

Walk the line: webform fields can now be displayed horizontally

27 Nov 2018

If you've ever wished you could display webform fields in a single line, then you're in luck....

Happy birthday, Channels Events Search! We’re celebrating with some shiny new updates

31 Aug 2018

A full year has passed since the wide release of Channels Events Search and the number of sites using this feature is growing steadily! Here are a few examples:

Say goodbye to Paste from Word

20 Aug 2018

The latest improvements to the WYSIWYG Editor will strip extraneous formatting when content from a document is pasted directly into the Body text area.

Admin UX: Add Content is now Create Content

16 Aug 2018

Attention WMS Site Managers and Administrators!  The Add Content shortcut on your admin toolbar has been replaced by the Create Content shortcut which goes to /admin/workbench/create.

Cracking the code with the improved source editor

16 Aug 2018

Combing through code can be overwhelming when you're faced with a wall of indecipherable text and tags. The good news is that it's now easier than ever to work with the source editor in the WMS....


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