Tweet yourself right

Twitter blocks display content the way Twitter intends - no authentication required.

As a site manager, all you need to create a Twitter block is to go to /block/add/twitter and provide a Twitter URL.

A Twitter URL can be:

a profile, e.g.

example screenshot: twitter profile
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

a collection, e.g.

example screenshot: twitter collection
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

a list, e.g.

example screenshot: twitter list
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

or a likes timeline, e.g.

screenshot example: twitter likes timeline
Image by Lee-Yan Marquez.

Same but different

You tweet, therefore you like. This means that displaying a profile or a likes timeline is just as easy as pasting in the relevant path in the Twitter URL field.

However you still need to do a little work before you can display a list or collection. Fortunately, Twitter tells you how to do this:

You will need TweetDeck to create a collection.

4 things to note

Now that you can use profiles, collections, lists and likes timelines in Twitter blocks, it's important to remember that, ultimately, Tweets are curated by whoever manages the Twitter account you choose to reference.

You might be surprised to find that:

  1. Pinned tweets do not appear at the top of the Twitter block
    These tweets will only be pinned to the top of your Twitter profile
  2. Retweets that provide no context are not ideal
    Avoid retweeting shoutouts, replies and kudos that do not explicitly reference the original tweet in the text
  3. You need to be careful which accounts are included in your lists
    If off-color language is a concern, vet your list members to see if they ever use it
  4. Moments do not work with the new block
    Note that iOs and Android support for Moments was dropped on October, 2018.

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