Top 10 WMS updates released in 2018

From Big Numbers to the new "grid" class to WYSIWYG and site admin updates, 2018 was a year we delivered on features and upgrades requested and needed by the WMS community.
  1. Big Numbers

    Big Numbers screeenshot

    Released in March 2018, this visually dynamic and much-requested tool was quickly adopted on a number of sites. Want to display eye-catching statistics or infographics on your WMS site? Big Numbers is the tool for you!

    Learn more: Going BIG with Big Numbers

  2. WYSIWYG and source updates

    Of the WMS updates released in 2018, upgrades to our humble WYSIWYG editor generated the greatest amount of interest and discussion in the WMS community. Check out the list of links below to read about some of the notable highlights:

    Learn more:

  3. Responsive slideshows

    By popular request, slideshows were improved to display correctly on both desktop and mobile devices in August 2018.

    Learn more: WMS Digest, August 2018

  4. New webform fields

    New fields and functionality were introduced, like the Webform Calculator, which includes the Formula field for performing calculations with Number fields:

    Webform calculator

    and Webform Layout, which includes the Layout box field that can display multiple fields in a single line:

    Webform Layout screenshot

    Learn more:

  5. Articles updates

    Article screenshot

    In answer to feedback received from the many site managers who added articles to their sites in 2018, we introduced a number of useful improvements including a new layout option for articles blocks, formatting updates to taxonomy pages, and articles RSS syndication.

    Learn more:

  6. Profile updates

    Many site managers took advantage of new functionality to make stellar improvements to their Profiles pages. Updates released in 2018 included changes to the Profiles List page, filters options, and improvements to overall functionality.

    Learn more: McGill Profiles - Overview, Knowledge Base article

  7. Link shortener

    While useful, third-party short links created with services such as, aren't recommended as these external services can be used to disguise phishing attempts. A McGill short link guarantees users that they're clicking through to secure, trusted, and reputable content.

    Learn more: Shrink your links with McGill short links or access this article via a McGill short link at

  8. Twitter improvements

    Twitter bird

    Updates were completed in 2018 to display images, emojis, and other rich content from Twitter, and to bring the WMS Twitter block in line with Twitter's guidelines for using their content on apps and web pages

    Learn more: Tweet improvements

  9. New Site Admin Tools

    • CSV download

      Download your site's user details in CSV format from the Dashboard's Site User report.

    • Tag wrangler

      Site administrators can bulk delete tags by clicking Bulk Operations in the site menu.

Honourable mentions

WMS conference presentations

Web Service Group team members delivered presentations about the WMS at numerous conferences including:

Plans are underway for a presentation at DrupalCon 2019 in Seattle.

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How did this year compare to previous years?

With the announcement of McGill's new Web Evolution Project, we should expect to see some exciting changes in the WMS in 2019! Keep an eye on our articles or read our WMS Digest for information about new features and updates!

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