Shrink your links with McGill short links

A link from McGill is a link you can trust

What's a McGill short link?

A McGill short link is a type of permanent redirect. Any link pointing to a web page on a McGill domain can be condensed into a shorter link. A McGill-branded short link is a URL at "" followed by a string of three random characters and looks something like this:

Why would I want a McGill short link?

Short links can be created through third-party services such as,, and others. While useful, third-party short links aren't recommended as they contain external domains that can resemble phishing attempts. A McGill short link guarantees users that they're clicking through to secure, trusted, and reputable content.

Where can I use a McGill short link?

Use McGill short links anywhere you normally would — on your websites, newsletters, emails, social media posts, and other publications.

How do I get a McGill short link?

Submit the Request for URL redirect webform and select the option for a randomly-generated short link.

For more information about this and other types of redirects, see Redirects in the WMS.


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