No ifs, ands, or buts with Enhanced Conditionals

Combining AND and OR statements is now possible with nested conditionals

Used to be that you couldn’t combine AND and OR statements within the same conditional statement, forcing site managers to create more statements, or making them reliant on messy IS NOT relationships.

With Enhanced conditionals, its now possible to combine AND and OR statements through the use of nested conditionals.

The example below shows two nested conditionals.

The first condition states that if a user can speak either English OR Mandarin or Cantonese AND would like to go to Asia, then both University of Hong Kong and National University of Singapore would be displayed.

The second condition states that if a user can speak either English OR French AND would like to go to South America, then Université de Guyane is shown.

OR conditionals nested within an AND statement
OR conditionals nested within an AND statement

If you'd like to see enhanced conditionals in action, you can follow the detailed example in the KB Article 7559: Enhanced Conditionals in the WMS.


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