Articles are now more beta than evah

The new Article content type is in production and is now available exclusively for Beta Testers to use.

Articles can be used to quickly create attractive, well-focused content like news stories, magazine-style articles or blog-like entries that do not necessarily need to be placed in the menu system.

Unlike Basic Pages, Articles do not have revisions but can still be placed in either Draft or Needs Review state before being Published.


Other interesting features include:

  • a Featured Image which can appear across the page
  • a Dek or quick summary which appears beneath the title
  • an Original Author field which allows the source to be credited
  • the first letter of the first paragraph appearing as a Dropped Cap
  • Tags which allow Articles to be categorized using taxonomy

To create an article, simply go to Add Content > Article on your Admin menu (/node/add/article).

Articles Block

An Articles block is also available in case you need to provide a blog roll type display to site visitors.

Up to five articles can be displayed in teaser format, which includes:

  • a Title as link text
  • a Short excerpt (the first paragraph or 195 characters, or whichever is shorter)
  • a Read more link


By default, the Article block will not be visible to visitors unless it has been placed in a region and/or page(s).

  • Go to Structure > Blocks (/admin/structure/block
  • Under the Disabled section, you should find a block called Articles
  • Change the Region or click configure to place the block in specific pages
  • Save the block(s)

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