Beta Testing

To allow us to deploy new features faster and receive valuable feedback on those features, we are now releasing new features in a beta testing mode before they go out to the wider community. We hope that the feedback we receive during the beta testing period will allow us to deliver higher quality features to the Site Manager community.

Features that are released in beta testing mode are live and available on all sites, but Site Managers will only be able to access them if they have the Beta Tester role. If you are a Site Manager you can request to become a Beta Tester by contacting the itsupport [at] (IT Service Desk).

The fine print:

  • Features in beta test are bleeding edge developments and probably will contain bugs.
  • Features in beta test may be replaced or completely removed at any time if they are found unfit for use.
  • Documentation for beta test features may be unfinished or not yet started.
  • Where possible we will try to label beta test features as such in the admin interface.

We value your feedback. If you are a beta tester we want to hear from you about your experience with the beta features.

If you find bugs, or have suggestions for improvement, or just want to tell us how awesome a feature is please fill out this form.

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