SP0164: Right to Campus Toolkit

Status: COMPLETED April 2017 - March 2018

The Right to Campus Toolkit project aims to foster increased equity, along with physical and social safety, on and around McGill campus. This project involves the creation of a toolkit -  targeted towards a McGill audience, including: university administration, students leaders (in clubs and services), and students in general. The Toolkit serves as a resource to be consulted by students should they seek either campus-related information; connectivity and communication with other McGill students, clubs, services, faculty, staff, or administration; or should they desire tools to empower them in fostering sustainable social activism, with the goal of promoting greater safety and equity on campus and within the McGill community. 

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The project team has noticed that a gap exists in existing resources addressing the intersectional dimensions of equity and safety - there lacks tools for empowering McGill's population in promoting student equity and safety. Moreover, a lack of attention is being drawn to McGill’s comprehensive resources that ultimately helps guide students through their university experience. Additionally, they see there is a disconnect between students, university leaders and university officials with respect to safety strategies.

The aim is to create increased equity within McGill structures, processes, and system, through heightening the awareness among the individuals occupying these spaces regarding issues of intersectional oppression, and the importance of sustainable activism and equity. Through providing educational material, the project can propagate positive change within individuals tied to McGill by increasing awareness, promoting constructive discussion, as well as through providing tools for them to share their knowledge with others, and carry on a movement through McGill’s culture of increased equity and safety through heightened connectivity. Overall, the goal is to provide individuals with the tools necessary to create powerful and lasting change within McGill. 

Our Toolkit is based on three pillars: inform, navigate, and empower. The “Inform” section includes definitions and terms, a guide for key conversations happening on campus, and useful dates to organize activism around; the “Navigate” section includes a comprehensive list of McGill clubs and resources related to safety and equity, a guide to financial accessibility at McGill, a series of ways to build your personal and professional skills, and interactive maps dedicated to specific student needs; and the “Empower” section includes a zine on personal safety strategies, a resource guide to promote community involvement, and access to a safety audit tool.

The toolkit will be used as a basis for events, awareness raising, activism, and resource seeking. Overall, the project team seeks to promote a shift of McGill’s culture towards an increasingly socially sustainable vision, and this will be accomplished through the toolkit and its educational basis that promotes connectivity. 

Funds from the SPF will be used to compensate two project coordinators, two assistants, the film producer, and graphic designer. Resources from the SPF will also be used to  cater the launch event, and print the toolkit. 

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