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SPF: Community

Sustainability Faculty Fellows (SP0123)

Status: ONGOING February 2013 - current

McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA Sustainability Module (SP0124)

Status: ONGOING January 2013 - current

Anti-Oppression Programme (SP0126)

Status: ONGOING February 2013 - current

Linking Action and Research on Sustainability (LARS) (SP0127)

Status: ONGOING March 2014 - current

'Linking Action and Research on Sustainability' (LARS) is a new science communication initiative which aims to provide visibility for McGill scholars working on positive contributions/solutions to sustainability related problems. The goal is to help McGill scholars to engage in outreach and share their work with a broader audience, through brown bag lunch events, videos, blog posts, and workshops, with a focus on social media and online promotion.

Farm to School (SP0100)

Status: ONGOING Summer 2013 - Current

MacDonald Campus' 'Farm-to-School' project is a fun and innovative programme that teaches schoolchildren to value and appreciate the food they eat as they learn, hands-on, about its production from seed to table. The project is a co-operative educational venture between McGill University students and the children of Joseph-Henricot elementary school of Baie-d'Urfé.

BIO BLITZ McGill! (SP0128)

Status: ONGOING February 2013 - current

BIO BLITZ McGill is a one-day biological discovery event for students on the downtown and MacDonald campuses of McGill University that takes place once in April and again in September. Participants are taken on an expertly-guided tour of the flora and fauna found on campus, and their recorded observations help create a baseline inventory that can be used to evaluate changes in biodiveristy and/or to guide land-use decisions.

Plate Club (SP0129)

Status: ONGOING February 2014 - current

The Plate Club is a service on campus that offers the free use of quality reusable dishware and utensils in place of disposable, typically paper or Styrofoam, items. The Plate Club offers their inventory to members of the McGill community in the SSMU cafeteria, and to groups holding events; their ultimate goal being to reduce waste while promoting sustainability and awareness on campus.

McGill Social Score Platform (SP0130)

Status: ONGOING February 2014 - current

Laboratory Sustainability Initiative (SP0131)

Status: ONGOING April 2014 - current

McGill Spaces Project (SP0133)

Status: ONGOING April 2014 - current

The McGill Spaces Project is an initiative that seeks to re-imagine un-used or under-used spaces around the McGill Campus in creative and sustainable ways. The project is an in-depth look at the way physical space on campus influences quality of life, the socio-economic system and overall sustainability - and what actions can be taken to revitalize these spaces to better meet community needs while fostering sustainability.